Is It Ever The Final Draft?

My novel, an urban fantasy thriller, is just about finished. It now sits at about 109,000 words and I have about another 5-8,000 words to edit before I figure its a go. It’s been massively edited so far but the opening and first section will have one more revision before I start to shop it around. I’m currently doing a lot of market research, checking out recent deals in the genres and debuts over at Publishers Marketplace. I’m looking at what has been selling to see who represents my kind of work and am making a list of agents and agencies that rep similar novels. Also I’m looking for agents and agencies that rep the kinds of works I love, because I figure they will be more in tune with my work. I’ve been hanging out at Miss Snark’s First Victim for a while, but haven’t submitted a current version of my work to a Secret Agent contest, although I have submitted before in 2009. I got a lot of good and useful feedback on my work and so have been revising it accordingly. I hope to submit as soon as my novel is finished the final draft and then, based on feedback, I will look at revisions and will then submit to my list of dream agents and agencies.

I’ve also done some more agent research and genre research over at Publishers Marketplace and will be posting the results in the next while.


About susannalund

Aspiring writer of urban fantasy, science fiction, thrillers and mystery with novel in hand, polishing the final draft and looking to find an agent.
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