I am an aspiring novelist with several novels in draft or almost finished form, who has been delayed in my attempts to get published by work and family.   I am now hoping that my kids are big enough to make peanut butter sandwiches and feed themselves so I can closet myself away in my office and write, dammit! I work full-time as a policy analyst for government, have two kids — a tween and a teen — and a husband plus too many birds to count. I own a huge old victorian house that is in the midst of renovations and a large garden that needs maintenance and TLC but those novels —  I hear their siren call and must finally obey.

I love fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, crime and mystery and my novels combine either fantasy or science fiction with a thriller or mystery element. I have a young adult work and several that are more attuned to an adult audience. I am currently doing the last finishing touches on my urban fantasy thriller and hope to start marketing it to agents in the near future.

I am a researcher by natural inclination (I have a degree in science and a masters and ABD PhD in social science) and read avidly over at Publishers Marketplace. Will try to post the research I do so other aspirants can benefit from the information. Every bit helps!


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